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Fužine, Gorski kotar, Fužine, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 14.7135
  • Latitude 45.3046
  • Publicaton date 23. November 2018.


7o C 75% 1016 hPa

View of the main intersection in the center of Fužine. Fužine is a popular tourist place surrounded by high forests, mountains and beautiful lakes.

Numerous biking and hiking trails make Fužine an excellent destination for outdoor sports and recreational activities.

Right at this intersection, in the heart of Fužine, there is one of the most beautiful hotels in this area - Hotel Bitoraj. The luxuriously appointed rooms will satisfy even the most demanding guests, and the top restaurant within the hotel will satisfy the most demanding palates.

There is also the church of St. Anton Padonavski, the largest sacral object in Gorski kotar.

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