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Svetvincenat, Placa, Kastel Morosini-Grimani, Svetvincenat, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 13.8818
  • Latitude 45.088
  • Publicaton date 20. May 2021.


2o C 66% 1020 hPa

The Large Square in Svetvinčenat, called the Placa, has preserved its Renaissance features, harmonious architectural dimensions and simplicity. In the centre of its trapezoid layout is a stone cistern (the well) made in 1808.

The square is encircled by the castle Morosini-Grimani and the palace on one side, and the Parich Church of the Annunciation of Mary on its eastern narrower side. The castle Morosini-Grimani is one of the best-preserved examples of Venetian architecture, which is also the largest Svetvinčenat building and has been a symbol of the place. During the summer, the medieval castle of the Morisini-Grimani family hosts programs as part of the Istraetnojazz Festival and the Medieval Festival in August. This place also hides a dark legend that has become one of the symbols of the place. It is here that the witch Mare Radolovich was once burned in 1632. The castle and the whole palace have been completely restored in 2020.

The remaining sides are encircled by a row of identical one-storey houses with Renaissance windows and the town loggia. The square in Svetvinčenat is the most comprehensive example of planned Renaissance urbanism in Croatia. Its special significance stems from the unique shaping of all carved architectural details on the castle, houses, the loggia and the church.

The main town square and the surrounding areas are the stages of the Dance Festival and non-verbal theater so as the a Medieval festival.

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