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Winter Carnival in Pag
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Winter Carnival in Pag

  • 07.01.2020. - 26.02.2020.
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A traditional Pag’s carnival is held twice a year - in winter and summer, with the winter version already in existence for more than 80 years and the summer is held for six decades, since 1959, which makes the summer carnival on Pag the oldest such carnival at Adriatic.

The winter carnival is mostly intended for the local population, but it is not less important. The Winter Carnival begins on the first Saturday after the Feast of the Holy Three Kings and runs until Lent - Pure Wednesday or Ash Wednesday. During this period, dances are organized every Saturday in private taverns, as well as in Pag hotels. For the last three days, the carnival events have moved to the main town square. On Sunday, a cheerful masquerade procession departs from the ferry dock, the "new waterfront", along the city tower, across the waterfront towards main square. After the official handover of the keys to the city, a carnival ceremony lasts for three days. On Pure Wednesday, a will is read and a carnival doll Marko is burned out, the culprit for all their problems.

An important part of the carnival tradition is the “ričavci”- an old Pag custom when carnival singers tour the homes of Pag, while hosts rewarding them with their hospitality.

Carnival dance, handover of power, reading of will, burning Marko and much more awaits you at the Pag’s traditional carnival that is rooted in the souls of the people of Pag.

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