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Cigoc, Stork Villages, Lonjsko polje Nature Park, Cigoc, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 16.630
  • Latitude 45.4151
  • Publicaton date 04. March 2021.


7o C 91% 1030 hPa

More than 200 white storks live in 45 active nests on chimneys, roofs and wooden poles and some nests can weigh over 200 kg. Storks usually come to this area around March 15 and nest on the roofs of wooden houses and leave around August 15, when they go across the Bosporus and Turkey and along the Nile Valley on a long and dangerous journey to southern Africa.

Through our webcam you can observe the behavior of a white stork from close range, watch the communication by chattering its beaks, see parents protecting their young with their wings from too much sun or the cubs fighting for a tasty bite.

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