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The town of Novska is one of the best-kept continental towns in Croatia
The tame, Slavonian town is located on the slopes of the Psunj mountains along the Sava waters. A place rich in forest, but also surrounded by a fertile golden plain. Novska is one of the largest entrepreneurial zones, a city of rich wood industry with high-quality wood furniture, a city that will soon become the seat of one of the few business incubators for the IT/gaming industry. Namely, a new, four-year high school program for the profession of video game development technician was introduced at the Technical School in Novska. A LETTER - Business Incubator specializing in gaming technology has been working in that school for some time.
In the former area of Novska, the extinct species Viviparus was found, a paludin deposit, a fossil snail that lived in the waters of the Pannonian Sea in this area and today is one of the symbols of the town of Novska. Fossil remains can still be found at almost every step in the town of Novska and its surroundings. The famous Ogrc fountain is located on the main Novljan square and the symbol of the Ogrc is also in the edited series of the Croatian postage stamp.

Only 100 km away from the metropolis, it has not lost its connection with nature. Moderately cold winters and warm summers make it a place of pleasant living. Winding roads, hills, forests and forest streams over which wooden bridges stand are ready for new adventures, and will increase the heart rate of cyclists. Lake Novljan is a favorite destination of Novljan of all ages, away from the city noise and noise with numerous sports and recreational facilities.
In Novska you can enjoy the greenery and beauty of the city park, relax to the tunes of students from one of the best music schools in Croatia, visit one of the most beautiful Croatian libraries, visit the baroque church of St. Luke.
A rich gastronomic offer of top quality kulen, sausages, bacon or brandy will surely delight you. Novska, as the westernmost Slavonian town, nurtures its tradition - cultural, religious, gastronomic, but also accepts the challenges of the future.
Numerous events throughout the year certainly enrich the daily life of Novska.
Novska City Day and the event "Lukovo" in Novska, Advent in Novska, Kirvaj, are just some of the others.

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