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Petrinja after the earthquake City Park, Petrinja, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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In the very center of Petrinja, there is almost no building that has not been demolished or whose roof has not collapsed after the devastating earthquake of 6,2 according to Richter, which hit Sisak-Moslavina County on December 29, 2020.

Most of the buildings within the cultural and historical ensemble of Petrinja were damaged and some cultural assets were, unfortunately, completely destroyed. The center of Petrinja is one of the most valuable historical cores of continental Croatia and is a protected historical ensemble and the city center itself suffered the most during these earthquakes. These are the old buildings that define Dr. Franjo Tuđman Square, within which is the green heart of the city, the city center, the Park of Josip Juraj Strossmayer.

It is a city park with ornamental plants and rare trees, which is protected in the category of garden architecture adorned with linden Illyrians from the Napoleonic era and a unique fountain with bronze boys and turtles. Various events were held in this park, and the most popular of them is Lovrenčevo.

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