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Čigoč is a village in Sisak-Moslavina County, near the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park, which has about 45 households. A small village known for its roofs, more precisely for the inhabitants who live on them - families. Almost a third of the Croatian white population of the genus (Ciconia ciconia) lives in the village of Čigoč. There are as many as 47 nests on chimneys, roofs and wooden pillars, and about 500 pairs of storks live in Čigoč and its surroundings. Due to this large number, the village of Čigoć bears the title of the first European village of the genus.

On the roofs, unlike the forest, they have no enemies, and their eggs are safe from predators. Dinner awaits them in the fields of the peasants, gladly following tractors and cattle to catch frogs and other animals on the ground, and some villagers consider storks to be family members.

The storks also brought the village significant income from tourism, because every year many visitors come to Lonjsko Polje. Locals also receive incentives from the state for nests they have on the roof.

When you decide to visit Čigoč, you will surely visit Lonjsko polje, a protected floodplain that is specific due to the richness of flora and fauna. 250 species of birds have been recorded in Lonjsko polje.

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