Ivanić Grad

Ivanić Grad

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The town of Ivanić-Grad is located in western Moslavina, along the Lonja River in Zagreb County, not far from the capital Zagreb. The past centuries have left a rich historical and cultural heritage and monuments, and its natural beauty attracts more and more tourists and guests. The whole area has great opportunities for the development of rural tourism, so this is the focus of tourism plans and development.

The city is also known for the healing spa "Naftalan", which is known in the world for its rare and unique natural healing springs. Naftalan, after which the healing spa is named, is a specific type of medicinal oil, whose second deposit in the world is the only one in Europe and is without a doubt a real rarity. Salt thermal water, as a residue of the Pannonian Sea and medicinal naphtha-naphthalene with modern physical medicine is an excellent basis for the treatment of skin and rheumatic diseases.

Fans of recreation can relax with walks, cycling along the rolling slopes of Moslavina, picking mushrooms and other forest fruits, and hunters and fishermen will come to their senses. There are several hunting lodges on the hunting grounds, with a total area of 5,000 hectares.

Among the events, be sure to visit the Ivanić Carnival in February, the City Days and the Flax Festival in June, the Stjepan Grgac Memorial International Bicycle Race in August, Pampkin days in October, and the Croatian Men's Singing Festival in November. June 8 is City Day because on that day Franjo Josip signed a decision granting the market the status and title of City.





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