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The storks are returning to Čigoć

The storks are returning to Čigoć

Storks returning from Africa are definitely one of the signs that spring has arrived.

Storks usually come to this part of Croatia around March 15, always in the same nest and stay until late summer when they go along the Nile Valley in early September on a long and dangerous journey to South Africa where they will spend the winter because we do not have enough food to life.

Because storks are large and heavy, and the road is long, they use warm air currents to keep them in flight. It flies to its destination via the Bosporus, Turkey and Sudan.

Before leaving, the storks gather in the fields waiting for their companions. When you take off, it is a truly amazing sight because a flock of storks can be several kilometers long and number thousands of individuals. It is an interesting fact that if males and females, who are lifelong partners (such as Klepetan and Malena), realize that it is too late and that they will not be able to raise their cubs on time, they will not mate that year.

The main characteristic that distinguishes the genus from other birds is coexistence with humans. White storks love life in populated areas because of the abundance of food and coexistence with man.

A house that has a native nest is often said to be full of children, and storks are also considered good "firefighters" because while eating young on the roofs of houses, they usually water the roof, which is damp, thus reducing the possibility of fire. There is a belief that storks are good weather forecasters: if storks fly to Africa earlier, a very cold winter awaits us, and if they fly later, they predict a milder winter.

What happens in the stork's nest? Take a peek into the nest in Čigoć via our webcam . Last year, a young couple, Mara and Niko, settled in the nest on the roof of the Visitor Center Čigoć. Will he be back this year? Follow in real time what is happening in the stork's nest! You can watch live how the stork lays eggs, sits on the eggs or how both parents arrange the nest. Of course, we are all looking forward to the most interesting part when the young storks hatch and when their parents bring them food every day.

The project of the Public Institution of the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park "What is happening in the stork's nest?" they bring food to young birds.


Visit Čigoć and the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park in June, when the European Stork Village Day event takes place. Lonjsko Polje Nature Park has been open since March. If you are looking for a special experience, authenticity and want to experience something that is different from everyday life. Lonjsko polje Nature Park offers you just that. Untouched nature, the experience of rural life, accommodation in traditional wooden houses, specific gastronomy and extremely rich cultural and natural heritage.

Visit the Lonjsko polje Nature Park this spring and discover the undiscovered.

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