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Novska City Centre and Promenade, Ogrc Fountain , Novska, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • City Novska
  • Name Novska City Centre and Promenade, Ogrc Fountain
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  • Longitude 16.978
  • Latitude 45.339
  • Publicaton date 14. October 2020.


1o C 77% 1022 hPa

The city of Novska is one of the best-kept continental city in Croatia.

In Novska you can enjoy the greenery and beauty of the city park, relax to the tunes of students from one of the best music schools in Croatia, visit one of the most beautiful Croatian libraries, visit the baroque church of St. Luke.

The webcam looks at the very center of Novska, where, along with other institutions, the Museum Native Collection of the City of Novska is located within the building of the Public Open University in the premises where the Music School used to be. Two years ago, a promenade was arranged, a paved path with benches, and flower seedlings and a tree-lined avenue in the vicinity, which gave the green area and the center a new look.

In the very center of the city there is a fountain adorned with a large shell, a fossil snail of Ogrc who lived in the waters of the Pannonian Sea in the Novljan area. Right here, numerous events throughout the year enrich the daily life of Novska. Novska City Day and the event "Lukovo" in Novska, Advent in Novska, Kirvaj, are just some of the others.

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