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Hercegovac is a populated place and municipality in Bjelovar-Bilogora County.

Hercegovac Municipality Day is celebrated on February 5. Today's Municipality was constituted on April 28, 1993, and Hercegovac was first mentioned with the status of a municipality on February 5, 1886.

The backbone of the industry of the municipality of Hercegovac is the potato processing factory "Franck" d.d. Zagreb - Hercegovac Factory. In addition to "Franck", "ZM-Metal" d.o.o. and "GEA - Oil Factory".

 Hercegovac, located between Garešnica and Grubišno polje, is marked by potatoes. The main event in Hercegovac is called Potato Days, potatoes are grown by a number of families, and about 80 locals are employed in the local chips factory. 11 tons of chips are produced there daily, ie 220 pallets, and the most famous brand is Chipi Chips, which is made exclusively from domestic potatoes.

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