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The city of Sisak is located southeast of Zagreb. A city that boasts with two river firths through which river Kupa, Sava and Odra pass through.It has a rich history for centuries, which is witnessed by numerous archaeological finds. It’s geographic position determined Sisak as the center of one of the largest counties in Croatia - the Sisak Moslavina County and one of the largest industrial cities.

Sisak has changed several official names throughout his history, but after the Illyrian-Celtic Segers, all the later names are based on the Roman name Siscia (lat. Siscia).

Downstream from Sisak lies the Nature Park "Lonjsko polje", the floodplain of the Sava River with the preserved richness of a diverse plant and animal world. Lonjsko polje is known for its autochthonous breed of horses and pigs and is one of the largest fish farms. The Nature Park of Lonjsko Polje, as an untouched corner of nature near the town, represents the most significant tourist resource.

In memory of the great victory over Turkish force and the glory of all Croatian knights, every year in Sisak , at the foot of the Old Town Wall, is organized the Sisak Knight tournament, which has become a great tourist manifestation.

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