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Petrinja is a small town with a big heart, located on the right bank of the Kupa, at the mouth of Petrinjčica.

It is an area that mostly includes the hilly areas of Zrinska and Hrastovačka gora and smaller plains, along the rivers Kupa and Petrinjčica. Its administrative area is mostly rural and includes 55 settlements. The towns around Petrinja are Sisak and Glina, as well as the municipalities of Lekenik, Donji Kukuruzari and Dvor. It is located at the intersection of roads that connect northwestern Croatia, including Zagreb with Banovina, or Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the area of Kordun and Banovina with Posavina. Petrinja and its surroundings offer a large number of thematic routes that are attractive from a historical, cultural and social point of view and provide an unforgettable experience to their guests.

You can discover that Petrinja is a new relaxing destination in the entire area of the city and actively get to know the natural, cultural and historical heritage of the city and surrounding villages located on the outskirts of the historic Banovina on Petrinja's promenades, hiking and cycling trails. One of them is the Petrinja walking path, a circular and educational-recreational trail 6.6 kilometers long. In order to complete your walk you must follow the yellow heart-shaped signposts, recognizable visual symbols of Petrinja as a small town with a big heart.Then the Ban Jelačić Road through Turopolje and Banovina leads through places that contain cultural and historical monuments and testimonies about the life of the Croatian Ban Josip Jelačić from the 19th century.

Unfortunately, on December 29, at 12 hours and 19 minutes, a strong earthquake of 6, 2 according to Richter shook the Sisak-Moslavina County. Petrinja, as well as Glina and other places were destroyed in an earthquake that will surely be recorded in the history. It will take many, many years for Petrinja to return to the state it was. Fortunately, the brave people of Petrinja who have already gone through the horrors of the Homeland War will build a new, better and more stable Petrinja with the help of the whole of Croatia.



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