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The town of Čazma is located in the northwest of Croatia. It is a city of rich culture, history, tradition, pure nature, rural tourism and ecological agriculture.

Čazma has developed into an economic, cultural and attractive tourist center of Moslavina thanks to its burning and interesting history, which is witnessed by numerous historical documents and many sights and cultural - historical monuments, of which it is particularly worth mentioning the church of St. Mary Magdalene, one of the most beautiful churches in Croatia, as well as one of the few churches with two towers.

You should definetly visit the gallery of Anton Cetina, a memorial exhibition of Croatian botanist Ivo Horvat and the city library of Čazma.

It is really difficult to describe the beauty of the pristine landscape of this city. Čazma is definitely a paradise for recreational lovers and in general for all lovers of natural beauty. Also, what makes Čazma special is its inhabitants. The kindness and hospitality of these people will delight you. It is really nice to see people who cultivate old tradition. One of the most famous manifestations of the traditional culture is the "Command under the linden".

Čazma is particularly emphasized by the developed rural tourism, of which the well-known Salaj family, or their Christmas fairy tale is especially worth mentioning. In the eve of Christmas, this estate lights up over one million lamps! Well, it's no wonder that the estate has become such an attraction that is visited by people from all over the world.

Everyone who loves healthy eating and ecological products will enjoy Eco Fairs, and for all recreational and active vacation fans there are numerous natural paintball grounds and many other activities for truly adrenaline pleasure.

Natural beauty, rich heritage, eco products, interesting traditions, different manifestations and the Christmas fairy tale of the Salaj family are just some of the reasons why to visit this beautiful place. In one you can be sure - every corner, as well as every event and attraction of this place will leave you breathless!

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