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Sisak promenade by the river Kupa, Sisak, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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The Kupa River is the most beautiful decoration of the city of Sisak. Bathed in greenery, decorated with flowers, promenade, cafes, the river Kupa is a place where you can enjoy various activities. Canoeing, kayaking, enjoying rafting, swimming on the beach, and during it the poles and the Neretva boat.

The city of Sisak boasts a promenade and riviera along the Kupa, which few cities on the continent have. Slava Striegl's promenade was built on the site of a port facility in the 18th century, which was used for transshipment of goods coming from the Kupa. Today, the promenade is the heart of the city and a place to socialize. Some of the most beautiful views of the city are related to the Promenade that you are currently watching through our camera. A large number of catering facilities have been opened along the promenade. During the year, various events are organized on the promenade, such as Cup Nights, Autumn in Sisak, Celtic Night, Sisak Weekend of Music and History, Advent on the Promenade, film screenings, etc.

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