Christmas time in Croatian cities - Top destinations
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Christmas time in Croatian cities - Top destinations

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You do not need a calendar in Croatia to know that Christmas is approaching. Luminous decorations on every corner, small houses full of souvenirs with holiday motifs and the alluring scents of mulled wine and local cakes are signs that Christmas has come. Although this is the second Pandemic Advent and more modest than the previous ones, although the current epidemiological measures are in force, no city in Croatia will give up the glare, the smell of mulled wine and the holiday atmosphere.

It is difficult to decide which places to visit in Croatia during Advent, because each of them has its own charm. Whichever location you choose or at least peek into the Advent atmosphere through our cameras, you will feel the real Advent atmosphere.

Zagreb – Feel the Light

By lighting the first Advent candle on November 27 on Manduševac, the second pandemic Advent in Zagreb will begin, and after that the lights on Zrinjevac will be lit. The program of the multi-award winning Advent and New Year's events will last until January 7, 2022. 15 locations will be arranged, of which 11 locations in the Lower Town: Trg bana J. Jelačića, park Zrinjevac, Trg J.J. Strossmayer, Trg kralja Tomislava, Europski trg, prolaz Oktogon, Trg Republike Hrvatske, Trg Mažuranića, Matica hrvatskih obrtnika, ALU and Tunel Grič and 4 in Gornji grad: Trg sv. Marka, Bela IV Park, Gradec plateau and Strossmayer promenade west. With the Light of Advent project, the windows of selected institutions in the Upper Town will be decorated in the holiday spirit. 13 concerts of famous performers will be held on Zrinjevac, while a total of 14 music programs with a total of 129 concerts will be held. The theme of this year's Advent is traditional Croatian toys.

Advent in Karlovac

Advent in the city on four rivers will be held from 17.12.2021. to 01.01.2022. The opening will be marked by the Advent Athletics Race on December 18th. The Advent race is being held for the second time and is part of Advent in Karlovac. Advent in Karlovac has positioned itself as one of the most diverse in Croatia in terms of program, and with its gastronomic offer it is undoubtedly the richest event in Karlovac County. Advent will be held on the Promenade and the skating rink next to Sokolski dom. The New Year's Eve 2022 will also be organized on the Promenade. The stage for all music events will be at the Music Pavilion.

Varaždin - White Pedestrian zone

Advent in Varaždin is located in the very heart of the historic city center, on the same streets and squares and in fr ont of the same palaces where Špancirfest is held at the end of summer. The diverse Advent programs that will run from November 26 to January 6, 2022 and this year will be divided into several thematic locations and units, while respecting all current epidemiological measures. The main square of Varaždin, the popular Korzo, is the heart of the city, and so is the heart of Advent beauties. In the winter area, White Pedestrian zone will have a varied catering offer and a music program during the weekend, with a white grove, a Santa Claus train. In the immediate vicinity of Korzo, there is a beautiful Varaždin Cathedral in front of which, along with choir performances, Advent candles will be lit on a large Advent wreath. The large ice rink and the already legendary ice slide have become symbols of Varaždin's Advent.

The biggest attraction this year is certainly the Advent panoramic wheel next to the main square of Varaždin. It raises visitors to a height of 23 m and provides an unforgettable view of the Christmas ambience of this baroque city.

When Požega glows

This year's Advent in Požega will be held on November 28, 2021. - 01.01.2022. Already traditionally on the Square of St. Theresa lit Advent candles every Saturday after the evening Mass. Location Promenade zone where throughout the month of December you will find various music programs, workshops for your youngest but also for those a little older and fine drops of alcoholic beverages from our local producers with fine sausages and fritters. Visit the glittering Požega!

Rijeka - The lights of the Advent in Rijeka 

Advent in Rijeka lasts from November 27, 2021. - 07.01.2022. Traditional Holiday Fair on Korzo and Trg Republike Hrvatske with as many as 26 Advent houses. Rijeka's largest decorated pine tree and beautiful decoration turns our favorite promenade into a real Christmas fairy tale, which, passing under the City Clock, continues on Ivan Kobler Square. A large Advent wreath adorning the fountain and lavish light decoration will bring to this square a unique winter atmosphere traditionally hosted by the lighting of the first Advent candle on November 27, and on the same day miles of lights will be lit throughout the city. Trsat Castle will once again put on its holiday attire and open Advent on Gradina with a unique splendor. RI gastro Advent, Balls of good wishes, ice rink Morska pahuljica, Santa's train and much more awaits you at Rijeka's Advent.

Advent in Pula - L'Avvento a Pola

A rich catering offer awaits you at the Giardini, as well as at the Portarata, where promenade concerts will be held. Giardini and Sergijevaca Street will be sounded with appropriate holiday music, and Sergijevaca Street will be decorated with special lighting, the starry sky. Music and gastronomic programs will take place on Dante Square, while the entire Graz City Park is reserved for the youngest, with numerous decorations, a Santa Claus house, an amusement park, a small stage for programs and a carousel. During Advent, more than 80 programs will be held, of which both traditional and new in the Istrian National Theater, Advent in the Cathedral and the Feast of St. Nicholas at Bunarina. And on December 4, the skating rink at the Forum opens right in front of the city palace.

Advent in Zadar - city promenade

After a two-year break, the sixth edition of Advent in Zadar is reopening its doors. The Christmas Fair traditionally begins with the lighting of the first Advent candle in the church of St. Šime on Friday, November 26, 2021 and will last 36 days until January 1, 2022. For more than a month, a rich entertainment program awaits you on Trg pet bunara and Trg Petar Zoranića, which includes concerts by local entertainers. As part of another Điro around the city, you can visit museums at reasonable prices. Numerous restaurants will make sure you don't stay hungry. The skating rink, toboggan run and ski resort on Višnjik will also contribute to the holiday atmosphere.

Šibenik's Adventure

The most original, the most ecological, the most creative Advent with the smell of the sea and the only plastic free Advent in Croatia is certainly the Šibenik's  Adventure. The Christmas fairy tale, a favorite city event, under the imperative of environmental awareness, will illuminate parts of the old city center to which Advent sites will extend. This year’s Adventure opens on December 3 and will run until January 1, 2022. The main motto is ‘Get vaccinated with the best fun’. In addition to the occasional program in Robert Visiani Park, which includes numerous concerts by local performers, the rich gastronomic offer that awaits you at the stands with traditional holiday delicacies will also contribute to the good mood. For the first time, Poljana, where a skating rink is planned, will be included in the program of the Šibenik Christmas Fair.

Advent in Split

With the traditional lighting of the first candle on the Advent wreath, on Saturday, November 27, the "Advent in Split" event under the slogan "Click on Advent" will officially open. The peak of this year's Split Advent will be on the Riva, in the Josip Juraj Strossmayer Park, on the ramparts of the Cornaro music program and on Mertojak. In addition to catering houses, an ice rink awaits visitors to Advent on Đardin with sweet and savory delicacies.

Dubrovnik Winter Festival

The rich program of Dubrovnik Advent begins on Saturday, November 27, with the lighting of the first Advent candle and the inclusion of holiday lighting that will complete the magic of this year's holidays for the next 40 days. The Dubrovnik Winter Festival includes a performance of the ballet fairy tale The Nutcracker and a Christmas concert. A novelty is the opening of the Atrium of the Rector's Palace decorated with festive attire. The youngest are expected at the North Pole Station in Luža, the Colorful Winter in the Bay and the festive decoration of shop windows. The center of events is returning to Stradun where the people of Dubrovnik will have the opportunity to enjoy 6 concerts. The celebratory atmosphere on the last day of 2021 will begin at noon when Dubrovnik bartenders will prepare New Year's cocktails in front of the City Café, and at midnight a spectacular fireworks display awaits you. Traditionally, on January 1, a waltz will be danced on the Stradun at noon, with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra.

Crikvenica Riviera - Magic by the sea

This year's Advent in Crikvenica begins on November 27 at three locations with the lighting of Christmas lights. Advent events will be held at three locations in Crikvenica: Preradovićeva, ice rink Ledena morska bajka in an attractive location of the main town square, Advent Park will be turned into a Santa Claus forest and a dwarf village for the youngest. Visitors, from the youngest to the oldest, will experience the true spirit of Christmas through a rich music and entertainment program. Photo locations will be arranged at several locations, thus creating a special Advent atmosphere in Crikvenica.

Fužine - Traditional New Year's Eve

The opening of Advent in Fužine will be held on Saturday, November 27, with a music program, decorating the Christmas tree and lighting the 1st Advent candle. On Sunday, November 28, don’t miss the unique concert spectacle held in the cave. During Advent in the Forest Fairytale Excursion Site, a pine tree will be decorated every weekend and wishes will be written on the tree of good wishes. One Advent bonfire will be lit every Sunday. Torchlight around the lake is an event that takes place on 30.12. when the promenade around Bayer Lake turns into a magical fairy tale. The noon farewell of the Old Year, which has developed into a recognizable tourist brand Fužine and is visited by 8,000 - 12,000 people. Under the open sky in the center of Fužine at noon, we say goodbye to old customs and welcome new ones with a cheerful crowd that has been gathering here since the morning.



Zagreb – Christmas time in the theme of Nutcracker, ecology and cultur 

Zagreb has been named for the best Christmas Market in Europe 3 times in a row and this year Zagreb voted No.3 Best Christmas Markets among 50 cities around in the World in a survey by global travel site Big 7, the popular travel planning website. Zagreb Advent can stand side by side with its Christmas atmosphere with other Central European capitals, which have a very long tradition of organizing Christmas events. Every year, it is getting better and more attractive, new facilities are being added, new locations are re-enchanting anyone who finds themselves in Zagreb during this holiday season. The Zagreb Advent will last from November 30 to January 7, 2020. It begins with the traditional burning of the first Advent candle in Manduševac and the lighting of the Christmas lights in Zrinjevac. Grič Tunnel, Oktogon, Advent on Zrinjevac, Gourmingle Fuliranje, Advent at Matoš, Advent at European Square, Christmas Fairytale on Ban Jelačić Square, Ice Park, Advent at Klović Palace, Advent in Maksimir, Polar Advent in the wild heart of the city are some of the locations you must visit. Fun, good food, unique events, art, and a truly festive atmosphere await you on the streets of the capital of Croatia.

Karlovac - The magic of meeting Christmas in Karlovac

For the third time, the city's Advent on Four Rivers will be held from December 14 to December 30, 2019. Karlovac Advent will mark its third opening with the Advent Race, which has gathered 400 participants in record numbers. Approximately 500 participants from more than 10 cities and towns in Croatia will participate in the Advent Program, which will perform as many as 74 program appearances in just 17 days. The program is already standardly divided into 3 sections, as it is every year, into children's, traditional and evening event. The main locations are the Music Pavilion and the park near the Lopašić Monument, where one of this year's novelties, the Christmas Village, will be placed, which is reserved for the family program. This year's Advent once again brings renowned names of the Croatian music scene, and at the Music Pavilion you will find choirs, musicians from the Karlovac Music School, various orchestras, acoustic ensembles, dance performances and performances, folk ensembles, cultural and artistic societies, tamburitza bands.

Christmas fairy-tale puzzle in Varaždin

More than 100 programs at 7 locations within the Advent in Varaždin. The center of Varaždin will provide a real holiday atmosphere, lit by thousands of light bulbs and visitors will be able to enjoy the rich Advent program in the intimate atmosphere of the historic core, which will last from November 30 to July 7. January 2020. The holiday magic will transform the main town square into White Corso, with a rich catering and exhibit offer and music programs over the weekend, a white forest, Santa Claus train. An ice rink with an attractive ice skating and ice slide will be in the Old Town this year, and after the ice skating you will be able to warm yourself with warm drinks and look for Santa in his cottage and whisper him your wishes. Don't miss the holiday magic that awaits you in the center of Varaždin!

When Požega glows

This year's Advent in Požega is taking place from November 30 to December 31 in the most attractive locations in the city under the slogan When Požega Glows! Already traditionally on Sv.Theresa square every Saturday after the evening Mass is lit by Advent candles. Location Promenade zone where you will find a rich offer of Advent houses throughout the month of December and a Christmas fair with local exhibitors. You can also get a traditional carriage ride from location to location. The Požega skating rink and the Slavonian Christmas Fairytale are also places to visit. Visit the Glittering Požega!

Rijeka - The lights of the Advent in Rijeka 

Advent in Rijeka at about 10 locations in the city brings a rich program with about two hundred diverse events. The city center will welcome this year's festivities with the appropriate atmosphere, lighting and decorations, as well as gastronomic, cultural, music, fair and entertainment activities. Traditional fair on Korzo, Ivan Kobler Square, Bazarig Pass, Jelačić Square, 128th Brigade HV Square and Rijeka Resolution Square, which brings about 50 stands with various gastronomic offerings. Throughout the month, Rijeka's squares will be the venue for concerts, shows, circuses, magicians and other fun events. For the 4th year in a row, there is also an event called Advent on Gradina, which will have its own fair offer, as well as an ice rink. The Advent in Tunnels is being held for the second year in a row and the focus of the underground tunnel in Rijeka Tunnel is on family content. RI Gastro Advent, Goodwill Christmas decoration balls, Ice Skating rink, Santa Claus train and many more await you at Rijeka Advent.


December in Pula - Dicembre in città

December in Pula - Dicembre in città will offer to the citizens of Pula and its increasing number of visitors an abundance of cultural and entertaining events, programs, performances and concerts. A rich music program in Portarata and in one of the oldest squares in the city - the Forum, will traditionally be organized New Year's Eve. Midday and midnight New Year will also be waiting at the Giradini where there is an ice rink. The city center becomes a pedestrian zone and right in the heart of the city will be located the Magical Forest, a magical place for the youngest. December in Pula can really be unique. So take a walk through the city, stop by Giradini, buy something in the marketplace with a unique musical atmosphere. Taste a traditional specialty, take a peek at Santa Claus's basket or just bring a lot of goodwill and hang out in December in the city with your dear people.

The longest Zadar Advent

The longest Advent Zadar and its 5th edition, was officially opened on November 22nd. A handful of events will last for 5 weeks until January 2, 2020. Traditional Đir around town, 25 Advent houses with a rich gastronomic offer, Petar Zoranic Square and Pet bunara Square, Narodni trg Square, Skating rink on Višnjik, Children's Advent with many performances, Christmas workshops, a small elves factory, the inevitable arrival of Santa Claus and a New Year's Eve for children, these are all locations where you can enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

A new tour of Šibenik's Adventure

The most original, the most ecological, the most creative Advent with the smell of the sea and the only plastic free Advent in Croatia is certainly the Šibenik Adventura. It opens its doors right on the Feast of St. Nicholas by lighting a thousand candles in a central city park. Unique music and gastronomic offer will win many visitors this year too! A Christmas fairytale, a favorite city manifestation, under the imperative of environmental awareness, will illuminate parts of the old town to which Advent locations will extend. Numerous musical names will alternate on stages in Parkić and Trgić. On the walking route is also Sajmić - Advent Fair with a wide selection of handicraft products. On the same holiday route is the Matija Gallery, which during Adventura will become the home of Adventurica, a continuous fun - workshop program for the youngest, with the aim of raising environmental awareness. The youngest is especially looking forward to the ice rink, which will be open on the feast of St. Nicholas. We are eagerly awaiting another edition of Fritulada, a unique gastronomic competition in the making of this local sweet called fritule, traditional cookie dessert. And on Christmas Eve over a thousand lanterns will illuminate the sky above the city as part of the humanitarian action Šibenik presents and creates a beautiful scene.

Winter Aquarel in Split

Together with music and fun, Winter Aquarel will awaken in us the emotions of some ancient times. You will sail into a retro time machine and recall some forgotten verses, games and flavors. Through 5 weeks, Advent will be served in Christmas delicacies at various Advent locations and will send millions of unique postcards to the world from photo corners on Vidilica and Matejuška. Visit the big Christmas fair and enjoy a variety of special souvenirs, jewelry, decorations and find a unique gift for your loved ones. Spoil your senses with gastronomic treats that offer charming cottages with the sounds of merry Christmas hits and take the opportunity for a family get-together with a rich children's program. Come to Split and experience the funniest Advent and do not forget your sunglasses! Christmas fair on Riva, winter joys in Giardino, Marmont's in the spirit of children's play and friendship, karaoke, dance and fritule on Split3, Gastroadvent, whatever location you visit, you will feel the Split spirit of Christmas.

Christmas in the City of Dubrovnik

Unique World Heritage Sites such as Pescarije, Pila and Lazaret will live in new attire festooned with holiday lighting. Children's ice rink, Christmas fairy tale, mulled wine, local sweets fritule or dancing under a tent next to the Orlando. Stradun Christmas Fair featuring traditional craftsmen who will exhibit their handicrafts, Christmas decorations, as well as catering for Christmas cakes and desserts. By lighting the first Advent candle in front of the Dubrovnik Cathedral and decorating the holiday lights by the calendar, which will shine with more than 1,400 light elements, the rich program of the 6th Dubrovnik Winter Festival will begin, with many children's music and entertainment programs in several city locations. Christmas catering at Lazareti, Dubrovnik Christmas concert, Dubrovnik Symphony ensemble, come and see the uniqueness of Advent in the City of Dubrovnik.

Crikvenica Riviera - Magic by the sea

This year's Advent in Crikvenica will bring a whole new atmosphere and a new story. From November 30, the city will come to life with a true Advent spirit, with Christmas lights throughout the city. Nearly 60 events will be held at three locations in Crikvenica: Preradović, Ice Skating Rink at the attractive location of the main town square, Advent Park will be transformed into Santa's Forest and the Dwarf Village for the youngest. In addition to the entertainment program, there will be several workshops, such as wine tasting, making healthy desserts or traditional Christmas decorations. Photographic venues will be arranged in several locations, creating a special Advent atmosphere in Crikvenica. As everyone greets New Year, Crikvenica will welcome the Old Year again with the release of colorful light balloons with good wishes for next year.

Fužine - Traditional New Year's Eve

From the rich Christmas program throughout December in Fužine, which begins the first Advent Sunday, we single out the two most attractive. Torches walking around the lake is an event that takes place on 30.12. when the promenade around Bajer Lake turns into a magical fairy tale. A mass of people with torches with mountain music walks the promenade towards the Vrelo cave. Another significant event is the Noon New Year celebration, which has developed into a recognizable Fužine tourism brand and is visited by 8,000 - 12,000 people. In the open sky in the center of Fužine at noon, we say goodbye to old customs and welcome new ones with the cheerful crowd that has been gathering here since the morning hours.

Fairytale Advent in Ogulin

As part of Advent in Ogulin, an Advent wreath was laid in King Tomislav Park. The first Advent candle is lit on November 27, and then the decorative lighting, which will best evoke the pre-holiday atmosphere. Before lighting the first Advent candle, a tourist tour was organized for all visitors, which will introduce visitors to the Christmas customs of Ogulin.


 Glittering in Vir!

You can check the photos of Croatian cities and the Advent atmosphere in our Gallery.

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