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Golden Gate of Pula, Pula, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 13.8465
  • Latitude 44.8682
  • Publicaton date 17. December 2014.


0o C 86% 1026 hPa

Like other places in its surroundings, Pula is also known for its mild climate. However, Pula is a city that stands out for many things, especially for its historical and cultural heritage.

So we've been decided to put our webcam in a place that demonstrates the city's historical importance. You are just looking at the triumphal arch of Sergijevac in Pula, the so-called Golden Gate.

It is assumed that the triumphal arch was built between 29 and 27 years before Christ, in memory of the three brothers of the Sergijevac family. Enjoy the beautiful view of the building which is dating back to the time of Christ. Otherwise, this is one of the most preserved ancient monuments in Croatia.

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