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The picturesque town with the French style, only 20 kilometers from the Croatian metropolis, will charm you with its architecture, "infect" with a leisurely atmosphere, "conquer" with flavors, colors and encourage you to come back again.

An oasis of peace, baroque architecture and rich history has been a favorite excursion site for Zagreb residents for many years, as well as many foreign and domestic tourists. Spending a pleasant Saturday or Sunday afternoon sipping a berm and eating the creamery that Samobor is known for, on the sunlit King Tomislav Square or just strolling through this romantic town will give you an unforgettable experience.

In a city where many noble families passed by, many memories of those days remained. In the center of Samobor you can see many curias inhabited by many famous families. Surrounding curries, with their beauty, tell historical stories to those who want to hear them.

What makes Samobor stand out is Samobor Carnival. Samobor becomes a Free Carnival Republic with so many masked visitors. Large children's parades of kindergartens and elementary schools in the Samobor area, a large number of artists, performers, numerous concerts of popular musicians and one big colorful madness in the open air.

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