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A view of the always dynamic Giardini, a square in the center of Pula. By the middle of the 19th century at this place were many gardens (italian „giardini“ means gardens), so that's a reason why is this part of the city named like that.

The local population took care about the gardens, and later there were built paths, grass and flowers were planted, as well as hundreds of trees that still provide shade for the inhabitants and visitors of Pula. Right in this shade, you can drink coffee in one of the many cafes at the main square in Pula.

Today, Giardini is still main meeting point, gathering place and place of many events and manifestations such as concerts, movie projections and others.


Pula is one of the most attractive Croatian towns. Located in the southwest part of the Istria peninsula, it is the biggest town of Istria County. It is also the administrative centre of Istria since Roman times. Its development began in the fifth century B.C. At the beginning of the new era, precious monuments of culture were made, such as Arena, Golden Gate and the Temple of Augustus. The amphitheatre Arena, one of the best known cultural monuments of Croatia, was initially intended to accommodate gladiator fights, in the in the Middle Age it served for tournaments of knights and today it is the setting of various cultural and entertainment events, of which the most famous is Pula Film Festival.

Besides sightseeing cultural monuments, there is a rich offer of other things too. Diving is recommended, since the sea in Pula is rather attractive and abundant with underwater tunnels and caves. Wrecked ship Baron Gautsch is one of the most interesting attractions, which is added to the world’s 50 most beautiful diving spots. In addition to diving, windsurfing is popular in Pula as well. There are diving and windsurfing schools available. One can also enjoy in cycling, and Pula is a great centre where cycling enthusiast can find all information on attractive lanes and any other necessary details.

It is common perception that it is impossible to come to Pula on a day when there is nothing to see – if there is no festival, there are concerts or exhibitions, with a well-organized night life. Number of inhabitants: 58594 Climate: mild Mediterranean Average summer temperature: 26° C Average winter temperature: 13-15° C

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