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Fažana, a view of Brijuni, Fažana, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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Camera info

  • Longitude 13.8042
  • Latitude 44.928
  • Publicaton date 25. March 2017.


3o C 41% 1037 hPa

Thanks to our camera you can watch live streaming in Fažana. Beside anchored boats, restaurants, beautiful sea, parking lot and passers, you will also be able to see different manifestations such as bike races that are famous in Istria.

During the summer months, the whole place is lively, visitors enjoy a walk, dinner or cocktail by the sea, so restaurants and caffe bars are almost always full. Summer evenings in Fažana are really something special, and the beauty of this pearl of Istria has been recognized by tourists from all over the world who come here every year in an increasing number.

Enjoy the view of the calm sea, the colorful sky, the sun and the beautiful Brijuni islands that look like the perfect natural border between the land and the sea.

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