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A view of the tourist resort BiVillage that will definetely win your heart with its uniqueness, content and beauty. The camp is located in Fažana, a small town that, thanks to its unique charm and Venetian features, has a remarkable visit from year to year.

As you can see, within the luxuriant greenery, close to the sea, there are several types of accommodation as well as a restaurant, cafe and supermarket that you can notice in the right corner of our live streaming. There are also three swimming pools, a diving school, a hairdresser's salon, a fish market, a massage center, a reception, an ambulance, a kiosk and a lot of other necessary, fun and interesting content from which every guest can find something for themselves.


Fažana is a beautiful place located near the sea, opposite the islands of Brijuni. It has been known since the Roman past. It's a place of fisherman and plowman, a place of quality wine and olive oil, a pearl of the west coast.

Beautiful beaches, clear sea, Mediterranean climate and vegetation have made Fažana an attractive tourist destination. Fažana offers accommodation in quality camps surrounded by dense pine forests and superb rooms and apartments. Fažana boasts of beautiful concrete and pebble beaches. Something specific about this place is the "Children's Beach", which has a shallow entrance intended for children.

One of the greatest attractions of Fažana is definitely the top gastronomic offer, so all gourmets will enjoy the delicacies of Mediterranean cuisine in various restaurants and taverns.

The old core of Fažana is characteristic of the old squares and compacted houses. Of cultural heritage, it is worth to visit the church of St. Mary of Carmel, the church of St. Kuzma and Damjan, the church of St. Ivan and the church of St. Elizeja.

During the summer, on the shore and in the harbor are organized many manifestations so Fažana is a great place for good fun. The oldest and most famous event is the "Sardine's Feast", where are held competitions like rowing, pulling a rope and carrying the fishing pots. Also attractive are the "Dance of Fažana", where participate a folkloric group of young people from all over Istria, a fishermen feast "Sea on the table" where you can enjoy in fish delicacies, the "Stars, candles and lamps" feast, where Fažana donates its own light jewelry to the sea and many other festivals. In the last few years, there is organized a bike tour called "South on two wheels". It is an event organized by the tourist communities of southern Istria with a goal of promoting cycling as a recreational activity.

Fažana is a perfect place to rest in all segments. Clear sea, beautiful beaches, various accommodations, top quality delicacies and interesting content are just some of the reasons why you should visit the beautiful Fažana.

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