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Brijuni Islands - a truly Istrian jewel. The island is made up of two larger islands, Veli and Mali Brijun and 12 islets. From the Istrian coast, only 3 km wide Fažan’s channel is part of them. Popolated in prehistoric times, they were especially valued as an outstanding place in the Roman era, when, as in all of southern Istria, emerges large country houses with luxurious villas. 

What has been characteristic of the Brijuni Islands in the past is a peculiar biodiversity due to geographic position, geological background and geomorphology, diversity of habitats and island isolation. Taking some of the agricultural lands and burial of a part of forest area the man has transformed them into landscaped parks with spacious open grasslands created an exceptional landscape unique to the Croatian Adriatic coast. 

The Brijuni Islands or the Brijuni Archipelago today is certainly one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Croatia, where paleontological traces of dinosaur movements are also important in the field of scientific tourism.

What do you need to visit?

The archaeological sites you need to visit are certainly Gradina, a Roman villa in Verige bay, Kastrum and St. Stephen's Basilica. Mary.

The old olive tree is one of the oldest olive trees in the Mediterranean, and has been established for about 1600 years. The projection of the crown is 22 x 8 meters and is 6 meters high.

The Safari Park is a must-have destination for all visitors to the National Park. It is located on the northern edge of the Veli Brijun in an enclosed area of 9 hectares settled by exotic herbivores: the Indian elephant of Lanka, the ilama - the South American camel, the zebras, Indian sacred cows and the ostriches.

The legend of Brijuni is Koki, the famous Tito's parrot; one of the rare specimens of yellow-flowered kakadu parrot living up to 100 years. A very intelligent, companionable and humble bird species that loves swimming. Josip Broz Tito gave Koki to his granddaughter Aleksandra - Saša Broz for the 9th birthday. Almost all famous island visitors were photographed with Koki (eg, Princess Carolina from Monaco, actor John Malkovich). The Brijuni were visited by many statesmen, famous actors, musicians, artists, scientists, noblemen and other famous personalities and they have been recognized as a destination that provides the comfort and rest in the directness of natural beauty. Brijuni were also synonymous for a pleasant and luxurious vacation!

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