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  • Longitude 13.8581
  • Latitude 44.875
  • Publicaton date 23. March 2021.


10o C 57% 1026 hPa

Thanks to the four-lane section of St. Pelličeti to Šijana, roundabout and retention, Pula has a functional, quality and safe entrance to the city. These valuable infrastructure projects have contributed to the development of Pula, the economy and primarily the citizens.

As part of the extraordinary maintenance in 2019, the pavement in Koparska Street was repaired in a total length of about 530 meters. It stretched from the renovated road near the rotor with Street 43. istarske divizije to the part of the renovated road with the traffic lights at the top of Koparska Street, traffic slowers were installed and public lighting poles were replaced.

Through our webcam you can follow the traffic in Koparska Street, which passes through the settlement of Šijana. Frequent traffic jams for a larger influx of vehicles in the season from the rotor to the center and on this section are a common picture of Pula's everyday life.

Choose the fastest direction to your location, avoid temporary delays or possible road work by observing the traffic live.

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