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Rijeka - Tito square and Fiumara, [ Road conditions ]

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  • Longitude 14.4489
  • Latitude 45.3276
  • Publicaton date 21. January 2015.


10o C 91% 1016 hPa

Our camera shows Tito Square, or Fiumara Street. In addition to Korzo, Tito Square is one of the most popular gathering places in Rijeka, located in the center of the city. Numerous shops, business places, restaurants and coffee bars are located right in this street, so this part of the city is almost always crowded with people who are busy, running, rushing, or enjoying, walking and drinking coffee on terraces. And as you can see through our camera, the street itself is also very busy, and a large number of vehicles pass here every day. The square is often "reserved" for organizing various gatherings and events.

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