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  • Longitude 15.978
  • Latitude 45.813
  • Publicaton date 08. September 2020.


19o C 70% 1015 hPa

Manduševac in Zagreb is a famous fountain on Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb. Enjoy the beautiful view of the square and experience the true pace of the capital.

The Manduševac Fountain was built above a natural spring that provided Zagreb with drinking water right up until the end of the 19th century. Court records about the persecution of witches mention the spring as their main meeting point. There is also a legend connecting the spring with the name of the city. Namely, one sunny day an old Croatian war leader was returning from battle tired and thirsty, and asked a beautiful girl Manda to scoop up some water from the spring for him. The Croatian word for “to scoop up water” is “zagrabiti”. So the spring got the name Manduševac, after the girl, and the town got the name Zagreb after the scoop of water. Definitely an interesting legend, just to imagine while watching Live streaming.

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