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Rijeka - City Tower - Promenade, Rijeka, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 14.4423
  • Latitude 45.3265
  • Publicaton date 21. January 2015.


18o C 52% 1026 hPa

Long time ago at the entrance to every town there was a clock tower that was a symbol of time, but also a gathering place and a place of secret meetings. So one of the most recognizable symbols of the Rijeka is the city tower that dominates in the central part of the Korzo which you can see through our camera.

The tower was built in the Middle Ages and it has details such as the imperial coat of arms and relief of emperors Leopold and Karlo VI. Also, one of the most famous symbols of Rijeka is the double-headed eagle that you can see on the coat of arms of the city. In the past, the eagle sculpture was at the top of the city tower, but the eagle of Rijeka as well as the city tricolor through history had a special feature of irritating every nationalism that was in this area. For the nationalistic or ideological reasons, these two symbols have become banned or tabooed for decades. Last year, in the April this injustice was corrected and a replica of the eagle sculpture was placed on the top of the city tower again. The return of the sculpture was followed by our cameras. Of course, there is a clock on the tower, so-called "city hour". Although the appearance of the clock changed several times and modernized, some things have never changed. Even today, all kind of meetings are arranged under the clock; business, friendly, secret, and the sweetest one - love meeting.

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