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Rovinj - Maršal Tito Square, Rovinj, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 13.634
  • Latitude 45.082
  • Publicaton date 16. December 2016.


20o C 34% 1024 hPa

A view of Maršal Tito Square or the main gathering place in Rovinj. The square is surrounded by interesting buildings, monuments and beautiful palaces.

One of the most beautiful palaces on the square is the baroque palace Califfi, where is located the local museum of Rovinj.

Among the many buildings, the most famous is the Gradska ura (City Hour), a red tower with a clock and the big Venetian lion.

In the middle of the square there is a "Fountain of boy with a fish" where you can refresh yourself during the hot summer months.


Town Rovinj is located in the west part of the coast of Istria. It is considered as the most romantic town in Istria. Town houses are built close together, the streets are narrow and the squares are small. From the sea side it is closed by a high coastand walls of the houses, while part which is facing the mainland is closed by city walls. All this contributes to the intimate and secretive air of the town. Church of St. Euphemia protrudes the most of all buildings. There is an unusual bond between the saint and the town – marble sarcophagus with the body of St. Euphemia miraculously floated to the coast of Rovinj back in year 800. Ever since, the town is connected with this martyr. St. Euphemia church was built ten years, and the bell-tower was built after the bell-tower at the St. Marc’s Square in Venice. At the top of the bell-tower there is a copper statue of St. Euphemia, patron saint of Rovinj. Rovinj is a town vibrant in peculiar beauty, and surely can be described as a town with a soul. This was recognized by many artists who exhibited their works there. Besides, one can walk, sail, dive or enjoy in archaeological sites in Rovinj. Alongside Poreč, it was pronounced the best tourist destination in Istria per number of overnights. Number of inhabitants: 14234. Geographical location: west coast of Istria. Climate: mild Mediterranean. Average summer temperature: 22,3° C

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