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Zadar - Petar Zoranic square, Zadar , [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 15.2288
  • Latitude 44.1127
  • Publicaton date 04. December 2015.


11o C 50% 1024 hPa

You are watching the Square of Petar Zoranic in Zadar. This beautiful scene is provided by LiveCamCroatia, and if you want to walk in front of our lens, or to be a part of rush hour, feel free to stop by the Square and to take a walk between the historic buildings of Zadar. We want to mention that Zadar was chosen as the best destination to visit in 2016. That says enough about the beauty of the city, cultural events and summer offer that this city offers to its tourists. Unlike the small coastal towns, city of this size, and with rich history and modern art, is inviting people from all over the world during whole year.

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