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Korčula Tri Žala overlooking Peljesac Peninsula and Viganj, Korčula, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 16.888
  • Latitude 42.929
  • Publicaton date 04. May 2020.


9o C 51% 1027 hPa

The bay Tri Žala is located on the northern side of the island of Korčula, 5 km west of the old city of Korčula, between Žrnovska Banja and Račišće. This bay overlooking the place of Viganj on the Pelješac peninsula is adorned with three beautiful beaches after which the bay is named, which you can explore on foot or by renting a boat. There are many beaches and coves ideal for a quiet family vacation near by. The bay Tri Žala is located directly across the town Viganj on Pelješac which is the most famous Adriatic destination for surfboarding and you can enjoy this beautiful view through our webcam. In the bay of Tri Žala on the north side of the island there is a hidden beach that can be compared in beauty with the most beautiful beach on Korčula.

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