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Viganj on Pelješac - a world oasis of surfers

Viganj on Pelješac - a world oasis of surfers

Viganj is a small town in the southwest of the Peljesac peninsula with a long and rich maritime tradition, and lately a very desirable tourist destination for those who, in addition to a peaceful family vacation, enjoy an active vacation through various sports activities - windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, wakeboarding, sea skiing, diving, swimming, stand up paddling, cycling, hiking, paragliding.

Viganj is definitely a paradise for adrenaline lovers. It is located along the narrowest part of the Peljesac channel, the sea strait that separates the Peljesac peninsula from the island of Korcula. Due to the narrow passage, the wind gains strength there and creates ideal conditions for windsurfing.

During the warm summer months, the mistral is a daily occurrence in Viganj, blowing from morning to evening at an average speed of 30 km/h (at the hottest time of the day it sometimes reaches 70 km/h) and enables surfers to enjoy adrenaline while reaching high speeds on the board. The wind blows every day. South in the morning, mistral in the afternoon which is the best and the wind is stable. For those who prefer lying on the beach instead of surfing, Mistral is their best friend because in this small town with over 260 hours of sunshine a year, it brings freshness instead of heat.

In the passage between Korcula and Peljesac, world and international competitions have been organized for decades, and for the last six years they have been organized by Czech surfers. That's why more than 1,500 adrenaline-seeking guests are currently resting in Viganj. In the Peljesac channel, they catch waves, fight the wind, rest and compete. That is why Viganj is one of the main destinations for adventure-seeking guests.

Boards, sails and various sports equipment are available at every step. In Viganj, everyone walks with a board under their arm. They all love the wind in their hair, which does not rest here in the summer months. Neither amateurs nor world champions in windsurfing can resist the Peljesac and the Mistral.

And anyone who has visited Peljesac once will understand why it is one of the most popular domestic destinations. Divine beaches, Mediterranean charm, some of the best Croatian wineries in one place, the possibility of practicing sports, restaurants with an unforgettable view of sunsets, peace that is hard to find in such developed places.


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