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About twelve kilometers from the town of Korčula, there is Račišće- the youngest place on the Korčula island, inhabited mainly by the people from Herzegovina and Makarska, making it the only settlement on the island where Stokavian dialects are spoken while the rest of the islands speak exclusively Chakavian.

All those whose primary goal is to escape from chaotic everyday life, choose this little place for a perfect vacation. You can relax on a nice, pebbly beach in the village, or visit two coves not far from Račišće - Samograd and Vaja. Both beaches are truly beautiful, and they are made of white stone that, in the past, has been treated in the nearby quarries. As a specialty of Samogard, there is a cave with a huge hall with stalagmites, stalactites and other jewelry characteristics for the caves. Another beautiful and peaceful cove is located east of Račišće – a cove Kneže with wonderful pebble beaches.

Those who choose to spend their vacation exclusively in Račišće, in the center of the place will find several stone grounds that are perfect for sunbathing and swimming. Those who prefer to lie on the pebble will enjoy the already mentioned pebble beach surrounded by tamaris, where they will find some natural shade. Because this beach is facing north, it is sunny from late morning till late afternoon, so all the lovers of all-day bathing and sunbathing will adore this beach.

Nearby, there are several cafes and restaurants with various traditional offers, so these beaches in the center are really popular, but also very crowded.

Residents of Račišće are known as good sailors, so in the past, there was a large fleet. Today there is a big breakwater which is a safe harbor on all weather conditions. For this reason, it is not surprising that Račišće is very popular among sailors from all over the world.

To escape from a turbulent way of life, for peace, enjoyment and dream vacation visit Račišće and see the beauty of this small, charming place.

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