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Jelsa - Hvar, Hvar, Jelsa, catamaran, harbor, marina

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20o C 73% 1023 hPa

A view of one of the quiet places of Hvar, located in the very heart of the island surrounded by dense pine trees. More precisely, our camera shows the port of Jelsa, which is very important for the inhabitants because of the catamaran line connecting Jelsa to Split and Brač. If you stay on our live stream for a little longer, you will be able to see boats and yachts setting sail or arriving at the marina and people waiting for a catamaran.

Depending on the position of the camera, or the side on which the camera is "looking", you will enjoy two scenes - a view of the coast full of catering facilities where you can drink coffee and enjoy the sun, as well as the view of the hilly village and church of the Assumption of Mary.

In whatever angle you look at and in whatever angle you go, you will feel the real paradise on Earth - a beautiful, peaceful, clean and hospitable Jelsa.

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