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The island of unseen beauty, the island of dark skies with glittering stars, the island where is the youngest Croatian Nature Park, the imperial island - Lastovo island. One of the many beauties of this island that is particularly worth highlighting is the crystal clear sea. Each bay of this island is hidden beneath dense, green pines that provide perfect shade during the hot summer months. Something that makes beaches of Lastovo special is their "wilderness", their untouched nature.

The beaches on Lastovo are rocky, exactly what nature created them.

Enjoy natural beauty on some of the beaches like Dragovoda, Konopljica, Perna …

The number that is often associated with Lastovo is number 46 because Lastovo is surrounded by 46 islets, with 46 hills, 46 valleys and 46 churches. Incredible, isn’t it?

Hidden from the view, sheltered from the strong wind and the rough sea is located the Hidden Harbor. Because of all these benefits, it is a favorite station for sailors from all over the world.

Rich flora, fauna and caves of the sea makes Lastovo a perfect destination for all divers.

Apart from its natural beauty, Lastovo has many cultural and historical sights that testify to its burning and rich past, such as Lastovo Fumar, Fantela, Kašćel ... The island is dominated by 15th and 16th century family houses with decorated chimneys called "fumari".

If you visit Lastovo in the winter months, in carnival time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the oldest carnival customs of this area - "madness".

Lastovo is called the Imperial Island because the kings and emperors have enjoyed wine, seafood and olive oil here for centuries. So there is no doubt about the gastronomic offer of this place.

For a perfect vacation in a beautiful landscape of rich heritage, choose Lastovo. Without any doubt, you will have a dream holiday that you will surely remember whole your life.

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