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Hvar, Zavala Beach, Jelsa - Hvar, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 16.691
  • Latitude 43.124
  • Publicaton date 26. November 2019.


12o C 67% 1022 hPa

Zavala is a small fishing village located on the south side of the island of Hvar. Filled with the scents of lavender and rosemary, beautiful olive groves and the crystal clear sea, this place makes it an unavoidable destination for many tourists from all over the world. Zavala is one of the most desired and visited centers on the island of Hvar. On the slopes above the town there are numerous vineyards where the best Hvar wines are made. Numerous pebble beaches and secluded coves offer visitors peace and complete rest away from the noise and bustle of modern life and are just a fraction of the experience this place has to offer. With a smaller boat, you can reach many small bays and the island of Šćedro, once an anchorage of ancient ships and today a protected nature park.


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