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Hvar Vira beach, Hvar, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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If you take a boat from the port of Hvar towards Cape Pelegrin, a beautiful nature reserve, you will definitely be attracted by the bays of Mala and Vela Grčka, which have been a shelter for ships in bad weather since ancient times, and the bay of Parja protects the prehistoric site of Markovu spilje, where the oldest traces were found Neolithic on the Adriatic.
Vira beach is located in the camp of the same name in a wide bay on the northeastern coast of the island of Hvar. Many choose this cove and Vira beach on Hvar for their living room because of the numerous restaurants with fabulous terraces that offer delicious local dishes and selected island wines. You can also relax here with children because the beach has a gentle pebble entrance to the sea, and is surrounded by a pine forest that provides pleasant shade for hot summer days. For all lovers of nature and crystal clear sea, we offer you an exclusive view of the beautiful Vira beach. The camera captures every moment in this idyllic destination and allows you to experience the beauty of Hvar from the comfort of your home. Especially during the summer months, take a look at the vivid colors of the sunset that only Hvar can offer.

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