Easter all over Croatia
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Easter all over Croatia

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Easter 2020 will go down in history as the greatest Christian holiday celebrated without any external celebration and splendor, without major religious gatherings and in the atmosphere of a coronavirus pandemic.

Last year's decree on the specifics of the celebration of Holy Week and Easter "In the age of Covid 19" remains in force this year, and masses and rites will be celebrated around the world according to the instructions of the bishop according to the specific situation of each country.

Foreign Catholic agencies reported that during the current pandemic many people began to pray to God again, so that during the pandemic the mystery of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ will shine with a new, strong glow in the hearts of believers, in the intimacy of believing families.

Believers increasingly engage holy masses through live  digital technology and thus protect themselves and others. Given the situation we are in, we need patience more than ever.

Let us remember the religious rituals that we normally follow during Holy Week and Easter.

On the Holy Friday is a post and only special meals with fish are eaten, whereby the species of fish varies from region to region.

On the Holy Saturday, preparations begin, eggs are painted with different colors and symbols the day before Easter, baking traditional cakes or braids decorated with eggs is a tradition.

Basket full of Easter delights is carried to the church to be blessed at midnight mass. Believers all over the world celebrate Easter with church prayer and enjoyment in a day filled with family gatherings and blessed food. On a Easter day, the celebration of resurrection finally begins. Cooked ham, onios, radishes and eggs which symbolize the birth of life or Jesus's resurrection.

On Easter Sundays and throughout the Easter season, one of the main attractions is the deliciously decorated Croatian easter eggs known as "pisanice".In the past, young men often gave eastern eggs to young girls, but today they are usually exchanged between friends and family. The Croatian eastern eggs are taping each other to see which egg is stronger, and many of eastern eggs in a supernatural size can be seen on the streets and squares of the cities or at Eastern eggs exhibitions.

Cities throughout Croatia decorate their squares and streets with Easter decorations; an easter rabbit, his lodge, colorful eggs, nets with colorful eggs, chickens, paths, bridges and other interesting things.

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