4 Islands MTB stage race
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4 Islands MTB stage race

  • 20.04.2021. - 24.04.2021.
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The best professional and recreational MTB riders from all over the world will cross the 4 islands of Kvarner, 270 kilometers of trails and over 6000 meters of total altitude.

The Mitas 4 Islands MTB Stage Race is a unique race in the world of mountain biking - perhaps not the most difficult, perhaps not the most demanding, but definitely diverse, full of ups and downs, rich - everything that makes the sport interesting. The unique concept of the race ranked it among the top five most interesting races in the MTB world of cycling, and the synergy of top events and tourism draws the Kvarner islands as important points on the cycling map of Europe and the world. Race 4 Islands is scored according to the international scoring system in mountain biking UCI and belongs to the high category of S1 race, which means that its competitors will collect points for their national teams to participate in the Olympic Games.

6th edition of the 4 Islands MTB stage race race in Croatia traditionally starts in Baška where it was launched - the prologue of the race was organized, as the introductory phase of the race in which cyclists from all over the world will participate. A race whose trails pass right by the sea, climb to the peaks where breathtaking views and pass through places over a thousand years old, such a race is certainly one of the most beautiful in the world.

This year, too, the race is of great importance for the tourist pre-season on the Kvarner islands.

In addition to respecting the strict epidemiological measures that everyone will adhere to, the strict measures prescribed by the world institution of cycling itself must also be respected.

Photo: Tourist Board of the Baška Municipality, island Krk

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