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Stari Grad otok Hvar

Stari Grad otok Hvar

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Hvar - Stari Grad is the oldest town in Croatia. The story of Faros, today's Stari Grad, began back in 384 BC when the ancient Greeks from the island of Paros sailed into Stari Grad Bay and founded the town. In 2016 Stari Grad celebrates important anniversary - 2400 years of foundation.  The field outside the town was divided in rectangular parcels enclosed with dry walls, and the main paths cross the field at right angles. Stari Grad field was included in the UNESCO list of world heritage as a unique example of land division in antiquity and of antique vineyards and olive tree plantations which virtually remained unchanged for 2400 years.

The best and the simplest way to reach Hvar is by ferry from Split to the new ferry port near Stari Grad.

Regardless of which way you decide to walk around the Stari Grad streets, you will feel peacefulness that can only be provided by feeling of the past that is still so present in Stari Grad. Houses around you are not just ruins of some other civilization but proof of continuity of life long 2400 year.

The most beautiful town square called Škor is placed at the location of a former shipyard, and this is how it got its name. All life moved to the seafront promenade lately, and it became the center of modern life. There are many sailboats by the promenade and the atmosphere is very lively. There is a wonderful park with water canals at the town entrance and it is a great place for walk and relaxation.

Stari Grad delicacies are well known. Offer your palate flavours from Stari Grad’s Plain, Starogrojski paprenjok (traditional pastry), lavender pastry or some of the area’s precious wines. Starogrojski paprenjok is a traditional pastry which was mentioned by Petar Hektorović in his literary works. It is prepared for all important events and its main ingredient is honey.

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