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Pag Trail & Trekk – Life on Mars
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Pag Trail & Trekk – Life on Mars

  • 24.03.2023. - 26.03.2023.
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The moon's landscape of the island of Pag is something really special. The rocks represent an unbeatable attraction and the whole landscape is easily linked to the all-time hit of David Bowie "Life on Mars" so this slogan is used for a trekking race from Metajna on the island of Pag - "Pag Trail & Trekk - Life on Mars". The beautiful scenery of the island and the fascinating karstic shapes combined with the view of the crystal blue sea, will give you a unique experience.

When you heard the sounds of popular hit of David Bowie Life on Mars, you will know the race has just begun.

The second edition of race in Metajna will take place on the drawn paths and will include 3 standard categories for all ages, affinities and physical readiness of the participants. The lightest one is called Light and is 7 kilometers long, it is fully marked and it is suitable to the youngest, middle is called Active 15 kilometers and Challenger's toughest track in 24 kilometers. This year on 6th edition is also expected an excellent atmosphere and more than a thousand contestants.

The goal of this sports event was to grow into a traditional one, to be joined by numerous external participants and as many locals from the island of Pag as possible, as well as all athletes and recreationists from the surrounding area. Today it is the most visited, most popular and most special trail track in Croatia. The Life on Mars trail on the island of Pag turns hiking into an alien experience.

All the participants of the race will surely go with wonderful memories of a unique landscape, a great sports atmosphere and the welcome of the local people who will surely take care there won't miss the local Pag’s specialties.

Virtual edition of the track !!!

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