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Lumbarda resort Korčula, Lumbarda, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 17.173
  • Latitude 42.924
  • Publicaton date 05. May 2018.


9o C 60% 1022 hPa

Lumbarda Resort is situated in a small fishing village on the eastern coast of sunny Korčula. The camera gives a view of the apartments themselves, as well as a small port, a part of the village and a small island lying in the middle of the cove. There's a pebble beach right next to the resort, with trees giving shade year round. The medieval town of Korčula is a short 15-minute drive away, while in Lumbarda you can do water sports and local cuisine tasting.


Locals bestow their caringly preserved tradition upon all those who want to take part in it. Every Friday during the tourist season, Fisherman's evenings are held. The scent of freshly caught seafood prepared by experienced fishermen enriches the summer air and traditional songs sung by local singer groups called klapas can be heard all through the night. Wine lovers have the opportunity to try grk and plavac, renowned varieties of grapes. Apart from gastronomic delights, Lumbarda also offers some of the most beautiful beaches found on Korčula, including the unforgettable experience of attending donkey races. Lumbarda is a 15-minute-ride away from the historic town of Korčula.

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