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  • Longitude 15.899
  • Latitude 43.735
  • Publicaton date 05. October 2018.


25o C 70% 1016 hPa

The long-awaited works began on Poljana - construction of a three-storey underground garage with 256 parking places. Apart from the garage, it is planned to rearrange the entire square and space around the city library "Juraj Šižgorić". There will also be an electrical substation in the garage, as well as a filling station for electric vehicles. Entry and exit from the garage will be made in the same place where they have been in the parking before. One innovation will be on the plateau, and that is a "water watch", or fountains whose water balls will release water at exactly the certain intervals, so people will be able to see what time it is. Among other things, two kiosks are planned to be built on the plateau, which will perfectly fit into the surrounding architecture. There is also the Croatian National Theater Šibenik, and during the works, you can get there through Kalelarga or from the upper road. In the background, you can see the Cathedral of St. James, as well as the fortress of St. Mihovil which is definitely worth a visit.

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