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The island of Krapanj is located in the Šibenik waters and is the lowest and smallest inhabited Croatian island. Its highest altitude is 1.25 m, and it is only 300 m away from the mainland. Only two hundred people live on the island.

Sponges of red sponge and red coral are spread along its rocky parts. The island of Krapanj is known for sponging and diving, and the Adriatic sponge is highly valued for its quality and beauty. Sponges are looking exclusively for a clean and warm sea, and since the Croatian Adriatic is one of such seas, they are also another proof of how crystal clear our sea is. On this island there are mostly pebble beaches, suitable for families with children. Krapanj is the right choice for all those who want a peaceful vacation, since there are no cars on the island, nor a rich nightlife.

The center of Krapanj is a settlement of mostly stone houses, which form a network of narrow stone streets, characteristic of the Dalmatian climate. The century-old pine forest and the monastery of the Holy Cross stand out from this network, whose museum houses numerous exhibits that testify to the life of Krapanj in the past. The monastery also has a special museum - a collection of sponges, coral, amphorae and antique pottery.

Traditions and old customs are highly respected in Krapanj; Krapanj Festivity, a feast in honor of Our Lady of the Angels is celebrated every year on August 2.

There is also a port for small and medium-sized ships. The island of Krapanj is connected to the mainland, Brodarica, by public ferry line 501.

In addition to the beaches and peace, you will find several smaller cafes and taverns in Krapanj, but the Souvenir Shop and Gallery are spun by Žitak, the Oil Mill of St. St. Lawrence from 1548 (with original machines for the production of olive oil), the mentioned monastery of the Holy Cross and the Diving Museum within the Spongiola Hotel.

For the smallest inhabited island in Croatia, the content is more than enough.


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