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Brodarica is an atypical settlement, which stretches along the sea for almost 5 km, bordered by Šibenik and the hotel resort Solaris in the north and Morinj Bay in the south. It faces 9 islands and islets that make up the lagoon, and the Morinj Bay. This suburb of Šibenik is relatively recent. Today it is the place of residence of many people from Šibenik, who find peace and rest here from the city noise. The Adriatic tourist highway divides Brodarica into two parts. Brodarica is 300 meters away from the island of Krapanj, which is actually the historical center of these two seas separated, but still inextricably linked.

Morinj Bay is located in the southern part of Brodarica. It is a natural fish hatchery and bird nesting ground. What is already widely known for is medicinal mud, so health tourism is developing more and more. You can walk through the pine forest that accompanies the bay and swim in one of the dozen small bays that make it up. A large number of tourists visit this bay by boat because of the quiet and peaceful bay and beautiful nature.

The majority of the population is engaged in tourism. In Brodarica there are a large number of private apartments and several holiday homes with swimming pools, camps and pensions.

Swimmers can enjoy the beautiful beaches, among which stands out the newly renovated Rezalište. From almost the entire Brodarica coast there is a view of the picturesque island of Krapanj. Brodarica and Krapanj are connected by public ferry line 501.

With a diverse tourist and catering offer, Brodarica constantly attracts new excursionists, tourists and domestic guests. All this with the pure blue of the sea and the selfless hospitality of the locals.

In the silence of this small place, find a piece of atmosphere just for yourself.

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