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Osijek - the largest city in eastern Croatia is called the City on the Drava. It is located on a plain on the right bank of the Drava and stretches along its entire length along the Drava river, and the entire bank is protected by a fortress. The fortified part of the coast is arranged as a promenade, the popular Promenade. It is the cultural and economic center of the region of Slavonia and Baranja - eastern Croatia.

In ancient times, the Celtic and Roman city of Mursa was located here. A statue of a cracked egg on Ban Jelačić Square, which symbolizes the birthplace of Osijek, reminds us of this. It is situated at the elevated dry ground above the Drava river, safe from its capricious flow and frequent floods.

The fortress is what you must visit in Osijek. It is a fortified part of the city from the 18th century in the center of which is the statue of St. Trinity. Here you will see some of the most valuable examples of baroque architecture in Croatia. The ground plan of the old fortress is on the 200 kn bill.

Osijek is one of the greenest cities in Croatia. Large parks (17 in the city) and parks, especially those around the ramparts of the fortress, were built to keep the city away from cannons from the city walls. Enjoy the greenery of the park of King Tomislav, the parks of Croatian kings or the bride in which once young married couples planted the trees of their love. One of the more unusual parks is Sakuntala Park which is adorned with sphinxes at the entrance.

A beautiful view of the entire city is provided from the suspension pedestrian bridge of Mladost, where, if you are carried away for a moment, you can leave your love padlock.

Osijek also has its popular Drava, sandy beach Copacabana, where in summer you can refresh yourself by swimming in the Drava river and follow river cruisers entering the city center with tourists from all over the world. For a hundred years, Kompa has been tirelessly transporting passengers from one bank of the Drava to another, often when they intend to visit the Osijek ZOO on the other side. This ecological vessel uses only the currents of the Drava River for sailing, and is held by a steel rope.

Along the promenade along the Drava, you will reach the Osijek Cathedral, which with its 90-meter high tower is the second highest in Southeast Europe.

It is difficult to choose just a few reasons or days to visit Osijek, especially if we include in the plans the surrounding wineries and vineyards, old castles and forts, the romantic junction of the Drava and the Danube in the middle of golden and green plains.

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