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The city of Vukovar is located in the northeastern part of Croatia. In the past, it was the battlefield of wars, and today it is the city of different cultures. The most important and famous culture is the Vučedol culture. The Vučedol culture is named after the site of Vučedol, located on the Danube river. There is also the Vučedol Dove, found in 1938, which became a symbol of the town of Vukovar.

Apart from the dove, the great importance has Vučedol Orion, too. It wears the title of the oldest European calendar. Vukovar can boast of two rivers - Danube and Vuka. Almost the whole world knows for Danube because it is the second largest river in Europe, but people from Vukovar also loves the small river Vuka. During the summer months, they fish there, and in the winter, Vuka turns into a beautiful ice rink.

Vukovar is truly special and exudes a unique charm, and if you visit some of the most important places in town, you will understand why.

It is certainly worth visiting the previously mentioned archaeological site Vučedol as well as the Eltz castle, the Vukovar city museum and the birthplace of the first Croatian Nobel Prize winner Lavoslav Ružička.

There is also a symbol of victory and new life - Water Tower, which was one of the most common targets in the war with over six hundred damages.

If you want to relax and enjoy walk and recreation, go to the park-forest Adica located about two kilometers from the city center. Landscaped walking and trim trails, wooden exercise equipment and climbing rocks will provide you an excellent active day!

Vukovar is rich in content and various events and manifestations such as Vukovar Film Festival, Bonofest, Vukovar Ethno Fair, Vukovar Flower Fair and many others.

Enjoy the fantastic cuisine and Vukovar wines in top restaurants. Some of these restaurants are located on the Danube coast for a perfect lunch with a perfect view.

Visit our wonderful Vukovar where you will be welcomed by even more wonderful locals!

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