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The town of Đakovo is located in the heart of Slavonia at the east of Croatia. In the central and most beautiful part of Slavonia, Đakovo, the 19th largest city in Croatia, and the 2nd in the Osijek-Baranja County. From wherever you approach Đakovo, the first thing you will see is the blazing brickwork of the two towers and dome of the most beautiful cathedral from Venice to Istanbul. From this point of view, you can see the whole city.

About the rich history of Đakovo are speaking many anniversaries: 500 years of Ergele, 200 years of cultivating horses Lipicaneri, 200 years of seminary and theology. On 8th of May, Đakovo celebrated its birthday with a rich cultural and entertaining program.

In Đakovo you can enjoy many of sights worth seeing: the 18th century Bishop's Palace, a valuable cultural monument whose lavish basements preserve the finest wine of Đakovo and with the cathedral and surrounding buildings, creates the most historic and ambience, also the most valuable and beautiful part of Đakovo. The Gothic Seminary, which cares for the upbringing and education of priestly candidates, the Church of All Saints, the Đakovština Museum, which holds several valuable collections: the archaeological, cultural-historical, ethnographic, numismatic and artistic Strossmayer Museum and the unavoidable Đakovo Cathedral of St. Peter. Seven millions of bricks were bring out from the brickyard of Đakovo’s diocese and the stone was supplied from various European countries. The cathedral is richly decorated with numerous works of art by famous painters and sculptors of that time. Behind the cathedral is Strossmayer's park, a protected monument of park architecture, on which stage every year performs folklore events of well-known Đakovo embroidery.

You can try fishing on the artificial lake of Jošava, which is primarily intended for fish farming, sport and recreation.

The state ergela horese Đakovo is also one of Đakovo's symbols. In addition to breeding and selection of horses, it is also engaged in horse dressage whose quality is confirmed by taking the noted places at horse racing. With the numerous performances in the world, the Đakovo horses Lipicaneri have also pronounced the voice of Đakovo and Đakovština.

The variety of events in the city of Đakovo will delight every visitor. Everyone can find something for themselves.

Eg. The Đakovo bušari appearing in February during the carnival. The central event with a big procession where all participants are on the streets of the city. In a few days, around 3,000 participants from all over the world are gathered. The Đakovački bušari are the largest carnival of eastern Croatia by the number of participants and visitors and are a member of the Croatian Association of Carnival Cities.

The bonfire of Ivan in June with the feast of St. John. The event is held alongside the fire, gathering branches that are then lit and children and young people skip it over. Ivan’s bonfire are linked to the harvest customs and the beginning of the summer.

The Đakovo embroidery is a well-known and affirmed manifestation of the original folk folklore today. It shows the original folklore of Slavonia, Baranja and Western Srijem and other parts of Croatia accompanied by different events - the opening of various exhibitions, horses races and other cultural and tourist events. The event also has an international character, it gathers the original folklore groups from all over the world and primarily cares for and maintains the tradition and the genuineness of this region as well as in other parts of Croatia and abroad (folk costumes, folk dance, traditional combing, horse breeding, gastronomy). The Đakovo embroidery are defined by the Statute of the City of Đakovo as a manifestation of exceptional importance and importance for the City of Đakovo and it’s region. Đakovo has always been called as "Heart of Slavonia". A city of rich history, continental tourism with the natural beauties of the heart of Slavonia, the spell of gastronomy, sound and customs, which is celebrated and preserved from forgetting by this manifestation.

Throughout the year, there are many events such as: Dionysus Festival in March, Easter Gastro Festival, Đakovo Expo, Strossmayer’s Days in May, Đakovo Summer, Apple Days in October, a parade of historical and civic dances, New Year’s Eve.

To visit Đakovo, and not to try the famous Slavonian delicacies, would be really a pitty. Traditional Slavonian cuisine with famous meat specialties (kulen, sausages, bacon), wild game dishes and freshwater fish and excellent wines of Đakovo (white burgundy, trammin, rizling) became a brand and an indispensable gastronomic pleasure in which every guest should enjoy. The traditional way of producing these delights contributes to their originality, and Đakovo and Đakovština stand out as a special gastronomic jewel. True wine-lovers have enjoyed this famous wine for more than 2000 years. From then on to the present day there is a story about the vineyard of this region.


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