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International lace festival in Pag
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International lace festival in Pag

  • 22.06.2023. - 25.06.2023.
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Proud with its lace tradition, this year Pag is preparing the International Lace Festival in the period from June 22nd to 25th. Festival successfully promotes the value of lace as a significant part of the Croatian cultural heritage organized by the Tourist Board of the City of Pag, the City of Pag and the Association of Pag Lacemakers “Frane Budak".

The lace from Pag is an authentic Croatian souvenir and is included among the products bearing the title "originally Croatian" and in 2009 it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In 2010, Pag declared " the year of Pag’s lace" and for the first time organized the 1st International lace festival in it. Throughout the past, folk costumes, furniture and walls have been decorated with this lace and today each house in Pag has at least one lace on the wall. Making Pag’s lace has nurtured through the centuries and it is passed from knee to knee. Each lace is distinctly unique and this slow and hardworking handwork still lives today at the streets of the old town. How important Pag’s lace is tells the fact that the Emperor Marija Teresa at Vienna Court had a personel Pag’s lace embroiderer who sew lace for courtesy.

The town of Pag has placed two monuments: Pag’s embroiderer and the monument of Frane Budak, giving honor and gratitude to all the embroiderers of the city of Pag, to the generations of women who patiently and self-confidently sew lace and kept it from forgetfulness and Frano Budak as the man whom the memorial deserves due to the extraordinary cares about lacework and all that he did for the town of Pag.

Rich, interesting and educational program that will take place in three days at several locations in the city.

Visit the town of Pag and enjoy the unique tradition!

 Elvis Šmit

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