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Pag, Prosika, city beach, Pag, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 15.0464
  • Latitude 44.441
  • Publicaton date 08. June 2018.


8o C 58% 1023 hPa

Prosika Beach is a favorite beach in the town of Pag near the old town. The long city beach, which combines fine gravel and sand, shallow sea and Blue Flag with many beach facilities makes it ideal for family vacation. Among the many amenities on the beach, everyone can find something for themselves. While you are resting under your sun umbrella, your youngest will enjoy a water slide on the beach, pedal boats and a children's playground nearby. A little older will be delighted with the possibility of renting water scooters. Gather the team and play beach volleyball because there is a landscaped area near the beach. Behind the beach is Lokunja with healing mud so do not be surprised if you see people walking along the beach with black mud, try it too. The healing properties of mud from Lokunja in the treatment of rheumatic and dermatological diseases have been proven not only by experience but also by numerous scientific researches. There are several restaurants and cafes close to the beach where you can taste delicious meals and refresh yourself with cold drinks during the summer heat. Enjoy with your loved ones on this beautiful beach and complete your vacation with many amenities and fun activities. In the evening, a few catering establishments turn into nightclubs and during nightfall there are more and more night swimmers.

From here you can enjoy the view of the very heart of the city of Pag, magazines of salt, observe entering and exit of boats from the harbor. And the night scene on the illuminated city will certainly not leave you indifferent!

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