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Fisherman's Week in Crikvenica
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Fisherman's Week in Crikvenica

  • 26.08.2023. - 02.09.2023.
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The event that has been held in Crikvenica for more than 50 years - 52nd "Fishing Week", is held from 25.8. to 1.9. The fishing week combines tradition, fun and love for the sea, reminding of the rich and valuable fishery past of Crikvenica and also why many tourists plan their vacation and visit Crikvenica just in that period.

Fun won’t miss even one day - every day will bring new activities on the land and the sea, various programs and themed gastronomic evenings. The special offer of this week is that only fish and seafood dishes can be tasted and the center spreads the magic scents of sea delicacies with an inevitable drop of wine. A special experience is the presentation of the preparation of traditional fish specialties on clean sea air, and besides the tasting, you can learn how to prepare some of the tasty autochthonous Crikvenica’s meals. You will have the opportunity to experience an important part of the tradition from the perspective of the host. Experienced fishermen will teach you fishing skills. "Fishing with the guests" is an event that has been taking place since the beginnings of the Fisherman's Week. Fisheries companies from the Rivijera region will show their skills and skill in various competitions and games, and you come to support them.

The program starts with a children's art workshop and the Art Colony. Exactly at noon there is the cruise regatta, and at 5pm a parade of wooden boats in the Crikvenica aquatorium. In the center of the city, the smell of mussel spreads, because the Feast of Mussels is waiting for you form 6pm, and from 6.30pm the traditional boats rowing.

The opening ceremony of this year's "Fishing Week" is scheduled for 8pm and then the cruisers will take all interested visitors to a free panoramic boat ride. You can also expect the concerts in the main square in Crikvenica.

Visit Crikvenica and find out how Crikvenica presents its rich tradition as an outstanding tourist product!

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