Baš Naš Festival in Zagreb
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Baš Naš Festival in Zagreb

  • 08.06.2021. - 27.06.2021.
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Under the colorful umbrella, and in these summer, warm afternoons and parasols, a real summer festival awaits you, a small oasis of good music and even better food and of course great fun. In Zagreb's Upper Town, from the plateau that has the most beautiful view of the city with live music, concerts and DJs, this summer you will be able to taste gastronomic delicacies of famous names of the culinary scene and top cocktails. There is still no dance floor due to epidemiological measures, but no one is forbidding you to dance with your friends.

Summer is ahead of us so it is worth visiting this oasis of positive and good fun in these strange times. Baš Naš Festival is preparing many surprises for You. Baš Naš Festival is definitely the festival with the best energy in town! And there are more and more guests in the city!

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